SafeRag can supply on-demand towel rags for cleaning and wiping heavy-duty liquids across a range of Australian industries.

What are towel cleaning rags best for?

Towel material is the most absorbent recycled cleaning rag SafeRag offers. For that reason, it’s best used in industries with frequent liquid spills. White towelling is particularly well-suited if your business requires a colourless rag – we’ve got plenty of recycled white towel rags in supply!

How does SafeRag work?

SafeRag receives a large supply of cleaning towels previously destined for landfill. Then we cut and process the fabric into towel cloths for reuse as cleaning rags. During the processing phase, SafeRag runs all received fabric through our unique metal-detection system to autonomously detect and discard all dangerous metals from the load, including zips, needles, buttons and pins. That’s what makes SafeRag so safe!

How do I order?

After processing cleaning towels into towel rags, we package bulk loads from 1-25kg in WA and distribute them Australia-wide. Pallets are then housed in our storerooms until you’re ready to order, which means you don’t need to wait for the fabric to become available! Plus, you get to feel good knowing you’re using premium second-hand fabric that would otherwise have gone to waste.

In need of cleaning towel rags? Remember – it’s not safe unless it’s SafeRag! Get a quote for the safest rags in Australia – call today!