SafeRag coloured and white t-shirt rags are used Australia-wide to clean heavy-duty petroleum product spills and tough oil-based liquid residue.

What are reclaimed cotton t-shirt rags best for?

Recycled t-shirt rags are well-suited to any messy industry, but particularly automotive and mining. Mechanics prefer coloured shirt rags as they’re the most economical, lowest-lint choice in a high rag-use sector, while on-the-ground miners use cotton t-shirt rags to clean everyday heavy-duty spills. They’re super absorbent, and the best part is it’s ok to get them dirty and throw them out – it’s all reclaimed fabric that’s already been given a second life!

How does SafeRag work?

SafeRag is a WA-based facility that buys bulk quantities of rags made from second-hand clothing originally destined for landfill. We run all that fabric through our metal detection system to identify and remove all potentially dangerous metal components leftover, including zips, buttons, pins and needles. After that, we clean, pack and process our t-shirt rags in bulk loads ranging from 1-25kg.

Bulk loads are delivered to our distribution warehouses and housed there for on-demand supply. All you need to do is place your order. Remember, it’s not safe unless it’s SafeRag – so get a quote for the safest rags in Australia and submit your order online today!