In industries such as mining, automotive, manufacturing, or even at home, cleaning is a reality, and a generic cleaning rag isn’t going to do the trick; it’s essential that you have cloths that are tailored to suit your industry’s needs.

For example, a poor-quality grease rag may not be very absorbent, forcing you to spend time and energy cleaning, decreasing productivity. It may also be made from non-biodegradable material and therefore is not eco-friendly. However, the most worrisome issue is that the cloth may contain tiny metal contaminants which can affect delicate surfaces – as well as being unsanitary and unsafe for you and your employees.

The solution: Ensure that your cloth wipes are supplied by the Perth-based cotton cloth wholesaler, SafeRag. We use modern metal-detection technology that can identify and remove metal contaminants as small as a 29-gauge syringe needle.

The cloths that we supply are made from cotton, which allows for a variety of different commercial and domestic applications.

Below is the selection of cleaning rag materials:

Mixed and white cotton: Mixed cotton rags is a perfect material for a multipurpose cleaning cloth. It’s soft and absorbent, meaning it can be used on a variety of delicate surfaces. White cotton fabrics range from light to medium-weight materials and are more robust and super absorbent.

Coloured T-shirts and white T-shirts: T-shirt cleaning rags are light, soft, absorbent, and suitable for delicate surfaces that can be scratched quite easily such as a car exterior or even wooden flooring and furniture at 5-star and boutique hotels.

Coloured and white towelling: These towel cleaning rags are ideal for use as a polishing rag because the material is thicker and highly absorbent.

Flannel: Like T-shirt material, flannel rags are soft, absorbent, and durable, which is great for cleaning in industries where there is a frequent amount of dust, such as the mining sector.

Fleece: The advantage of using fleece material for cleaning is that it dries very quickly and can be used much sooner than other industrial wiping rags.

The combination of our metal-detection technology and our adherence to supplying cotton cloths for commercial and residential use is why we believe that SafeRag is superior to any other competitor. Our dedication to providing quality, cost-saving, and safe wiping cloths is unmatched.

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