In the manufacturing and automotive industries, greasy spills and oil residue happen every day. Standard cleaning rags may not be the best option on these tough spills – but using the right type of cloth can save you time, money, and energy in your business. 

The main industrial cloth options on the market are microfiber cleaning cloths or cotton cleaning cloths. So what are the pros and cons?

Well, microfibre cleaning cloths are made from tiny polyester and nylon fibres. They can absorb up to six times their weight, which makes them an attractive option for cost-cutting – but as they’re not made from natural materials, they are not biodegradable. 

SafeRag cloths come with all the same benefits as microfiber, but unlike microfiber, our cloths are predominantly made from cotton – a natural, biodegradable plant material. 

SafeRag cotton cleaning cloths are also recycled – we source the best second-hand clothing available on the recycling market and run it through our own in-house metal-detection safety system. 

After that, we deep clean them, package them up and ship them to you in competitively priced bales ranging from 1kg through to 25kgs – that’s true convenience!

Cotton rags are cost effective, convenient and environmentally friendly. 

Looking to make the switch to SafeRag cotton? Reach out today!

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