Countless businesses rely on SafeRag® for their supply of high-quality cleaning cloths. Below is a list of reasons why you should join them:


We built our very own Safe Rag metal detection system to autonomously identify and remove all types of dangerous metal items. In fact our Safe Rag System is designed to reject a 29 gauge super fine syringe needle. This ensures the safety of each and every product leaving our warehouse, giving you peace of mind as a distributor and/or customer.

This ensures the safety of each and every product leaving our warehouse, giving you peace of mind as a distributor and/or customer.


Before SafeRag® produces huge quantities of cleaning cloths, we source premium second-hand clothing that would otherwise have gone to waste. We go out of our way to find the best materials on the recycling market, removing contaminants and leaving behind the safest version of that material.

Value for Money

We aim to price our products competitively while crating real value for your business. Each piece of cloth that leaves our facility is put through a rigorous metal detection and removal process that ensures you get what you pay for.

Stock Supply

In an effort to provide you with an on-demand supply of cleaning cloth, we keep vast volumes of assorted cloths at our warehouse that are ready for distribution when you say the word “go”. No more waiting for your material.

Processed and Packed in WA

The fact that all our cleaning materials are processed in Western Australia means that they are not only more economical for our customers, but under constant inspection directly from our very own facility. This means that every single package gets the quality stamp it deserves.

25 Years' Industry Experience

Our time in the industry has led to a highly-sophisticated practice that now holds a great majority of the market share. With repeat business from most of our clients, we’re one of Western Australia’s most trusted and relied upon suppliers of safe, recycled cleaning cloths.

Locally Run and Operated

We process orders independently, meaning that we can offer you a personalised service that entails custom orders that vary in both quantity and application requirements. From small, niche orders to bulk supply, SafeRag® stocks exactly what you need.

Available From Your Local Distributor

We pack and supply our stock from multiple locations throughout Western Australia. Give us a call now on (08) 9452 2779 to find your nearest distributor.

Supporting & Protecting the Local Community

In addition to our efforts in recycling and conservation, SafeRag® supports the Kalamunda Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade together with a list of local charities in need.

If you’re looking for a highly absorbent cleaning rag that is reliable and safe to use, you’re at the right place. Take a closer look at our product range here or contact us for more information.