25 Years’ Industry Experience

When working with high quantities of cleaning cloth, you need a reliable supplier. Clean Cloth Cotton Traders is the registered owner of SafeRag® and the leading processor and provider of safe, recycled cleaning cloths in Western Australia.

With 25 years in the game, we have earned a reputation for supplying quality-assured products to distributors in a variety of industries that include the Mining, Oil & Gas, Automotive, and associated sectors.

Imitated but Never Matched

Every year, SafeRag® produces huge quantities of cleaning cloths that would otherwise have added to the pile of solid waste polluting the Earth. Our products are widely used and trusted for their safety due to the high accuracy of our innovative SafeRag® system – designed to identify and reject unwanted metals automatically before their removal. This includes dangerous objects like pins, razors, syringe needles, buttons, and zips.

The end result is a large selection of the safest rags on the market, suitable for use in multiple applications across numerous industries.

Made for Western Australia

Western Australia is a unique place, which is why we designed our system and materials to suit certain conditions and requirements. This means that we can offer you a tailored product before you even tell us what you need. If you require something that isn’t on our list, find out how we can accommodate you – even if it means pointing you in the right direction.

Meet Eric

Eric, our General Manager, has been in the rag business for 20 years now. Never satisfied with the ‘one size fits all’ approach, Eric created a series of metal free SafeRag® systems to detect and reject small metal fragments that would usually go unnoticed.

volunterr employer awards
Eric recieves the Department of Fire and Emergency Services Volunteer Employer Recognition Award, Gold, on behalf of Saferag.

Growing up on a farm helped cultivate the resourcefulness that came in handy when operating and managing businesses later in life, and that was essential in developing the Saferag system. Recycling used fabric and material is just one way in which Eric lives out his passion for the environment and being of service to his community. He is also a volunteer firefighter and an avid wildlife photographer.Have a look at our range of quality cloth products here. To speak to a friendly consultant, give us a call on (08) 9452 2779 and we’ll be happy to help answer any questions.