It’s not safeunless it’s SafeRag®

Industrial and Commercial Cotton Cloths

Commercial & Industrial Cloth Suppliers

The automotive or manufacturing industry is a hard day’s work to manage. You shouldn’t have to worry about the clean-ups caused by spills, improper usage of machinery, debris from the products you use, etc. — What you need is to buy rags that are free of any metal, tailor-made for your industry.

SafeRag is the answer

As small as a 29-gauge syringe needle, SafeRag’s unprecedented technology can locate the pin and remove it before it goes through the other processes and packing for shipment to your factory doors. As premium industrial and commercial cotton cloth suppliers in Perth and across Australia, part of its name is part of its promise. Safe means safe, which is why so many in the automotive industries and in the mining sectors are turning to SafeRag for its innovative technology.

If you’re looking to buy cotton rags wholesale, we have a wide variety. The rags come in all packaging sizes from 1kg all the way through to 25kgs. The textures available are T-shirt style for excellent absorbing needs all the way to white towelling and flannel for that perfect polish.

We support all industries from the mining to oil and from the marine to the automotive. You name it and SafeRag will make a cloth for it – we’re among the best cleaning rags suppliers in Perth.

If you want the perfect cloth in bulk, ready for your industry’s needs, call the only company in Australia that distributes such excellent and quality-controlled rags across Australia.

We process, metal-detect and compress package industry-leading cleaning cloths for a variety of sectors, industries and uses.

Not all materials are created equal. That’s why we only source our rags from premium quality used clothing that's been sorted and cut for your specific purpose.

For over of quarter of a century, we have been metal detecting and removing metal fragments from our cleaning cloths.